Posted on: April 21, 2009 4:56 pm

In Just A Year

 So it seems finally this year King Carl gave up on his five year plan after 20 years of it being in effect. After numerous draft picks that flopped horrible ( ill just use the first 3 picks each year) i.e. Craphonso  Thorpe,Junior Siavii,Kris Wilson,KeyaronFox,Ryan Sims,Eddie Freeman,Eric Downing,Marvin"snoop" minnis,William Bartee,Sylvester the cat morris,Mike cloud,Rashaan Sheehee,Trezelle Jenkins you get the point. Now the Carl Regime not just him are all to blame for many of those players and many more i could name but they are also the same group who drafter the Will Shields,Tony G,jared allen,john tait,Joe horn,Grunnie,Derrick johnson,D.Thomas,Neil Smith and some more i could name. But on the whole i would say that its a failure because you spend 20 years with one club and you dont win let alone appear in one superbowl. But the biggest Failure being that in this time you never once landed the Chiefs a franchise passer. Rewind a little bit Dorsey is our #5 pick overall and Herm did something no other coach had the nerve to and he was fired in the end for it but ask him today and he would do it again in a heartbeat. Many people are thinking dorsey is a bust and in the end he might just end up like Ryan Sims. Its not that he doesnt have talent its just if they try to make him the NT in our new 3-4 scheme he is going to get manhandled. I like most people agree he doesnt have the size or drive to constantly take on double teams and keep them off our LB's. I think he will excell as a DE in the 3-4 though because he does have good speed for a dt and could push from the outside.  Now finally i think kc landed a coach who has a set and is hardnose. He reminds me alot of Marty but with a offense that fits today. He wont take no crap and he doesnt care if your how much you get paid or how big a stud you are as seen by the playoff scene between him and boldin. He is hardnose and cleaned house but im glad he kept tim krumrie that is one hardass guy i really like from the previous regime. Now i sit here days from the draft praying kc takes Curry or Monroe/Smith if they can or a B.J. Raji to slam in the middle of the 3-4 to clog the line. Scott Pioli has a deep and sucessfull history in the draft ie Patriots and i hope he takes that model and can work it in kc.


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